10 Most Important Google URL links You must Know.

Have you ever wondered How google knows your interests? or How Google keeps track of your YouTube history data? or How Google Tracks the Places you visit? . The reason behind that is, Google stores everything privately. Google keeps most of its important Google URL links very private and it will not be displayed everywhere. Here in this article I am going to share with you the 10 most Important Google URL links that will unlock everything Google knows about you.

important google url links


Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in Google Chrome or Android for logging into various websites. You can view this list by visiting the above Google URL link.

google.com/takeout :

With this Google URL link You can easily export all your data out of the Google. You can download your Google contacts, Gmail messages, Google Photos,  and even your YouTube videos.

history.google.com :

You can view your entire search history by visiting the above Google URl in the Browser.

google.com/settings/ads :

Google creates a profile of yourself based on the sites you visit, guessing your Gender, age, and interests and then use this data to serve you more relevant ads. Use the above Google URL to know how Google sees you on the web.

maps.google.com/locationhistory :

You can trace your location history if you use an Android phone or the Google Now iOS app.

security.google.com/settings :

Think someone might have gained access to your account? Open the activity report to see a log of every device that has recently connected into your Google account.

support.google.com/legal :

If you ever find your content appearing on another website?. This URL will let you file a complaint in the event you find your content being used without permission on a Google website.

google.com/android/devicemanager :

Visit Google Device Manager URL listed above to find your phone provided it is switched on and connected to the Internet. You can ring the device, see the location or even erase the phone content remotely.

google.com/settings/account/inactive :

If you have unused Gmail accounts, use this to ensure that Google doesn’t delete them after extended periods of inactivity.

accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail :

By this Google URL you can Create a Google account with your current email address instead of making a new gmail.com address.

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