What is Digital Marketing and Marketing Techniques That Should Know

Digital Marketing

Howdy,  you know that Digital Marketing has been booming advertising medium in all developed nations. Digital Marketing is one of the valuable media to advertising our products. According to statistics after 5 to 7 years in  India, Pakistan, Srilanka and all other developing nations uses Digital Marketing is valuable medium for advertising their  products. Now today in this post we are going to discuss about what is digital marketing and marketing trends.

Digital Market is a Marketing which focus the users on Internet, Mobiles, tabs and other devices. In simple terms Digital Market is defined as any marketing if you want to promote your business and improve sales using Internet is called Digital Marketing.


Now you got a little picture on what is digital marketing. Well we will see benifits and methods of digital marketing in this article.

What are the main  benefits of Digital Marketing ?

Before going to see the benefits of Digital Marketing we have to know basic traditional marketing and its methods.

Traditional Marketing 

 Traditional Marketing is defined as any type of promotions,advertising or campaign that has been use by companies for years. It’s mainly focus and works efficiently for branding i.e brand strategy. The main methods of Traditional Marketing includes print media, Television, Holdings and other advertising methods.


Now just have a look how the digital marketing and traditional Marketing promoting our products. Just observe below table you will easily find out the major Difference of Digital Marketing from Traditional Marketing based on some metrics.


Digital Market has huge number of benefits over traditional marketing to promote and Improve sales of our products.The main benifits are


So I hope everyone believe that digital Marketing is Valuable media for advertising our products.

In Simple words difference between traditional and Digital market is that In case of traditional marketing we have to send our adds to customers and Digital market Customer come to us for required product.

Most of the companies are established only for to do digital marketing. Here they will charge some amount off money and getting awareness and sales to our products using digital marketing.

Now we are going to see the Digital Marketing methods.

Digital Marketing methods

Buddies we have some methods to use digital marketing effectively those are


1.Search Engine  :

Mostly all bloggers are familier this word SEO. Don’t worry even though you are not a blogger we will explain this. In simple Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the website for top organic listing (free listing) on Search Engine.

Guys tell me the most of us using which search Engine ? Yes your answer is correct it is Google. You know what another search Engines also so popular after google is those are

Bing, Yahoo.

The main Important thing in the SEO  Marketing method is that the time span of marketing is 3 months. May be it will extends depends on the competition. Here we are using some white hat methods like keywords analytics, Google adwords to improve listing on search engine.


2.Search Engine Marketing

 SEM is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

We have two types of Seach Engine Mareting.  Those are

–>Pay Per Click : Respective add owners have to pay the money for advertising if and only if by clicking on the respective adds. And No need to pay any money if they don’t click on our adds.

–>Display Marketing : Advertising to the people who are related to our product. In Display Marketing

Instant results happen.

3.Social Media  

One of the best and easiest method to generating the visitors and increasing the brand awareness.

As everyone know the major social media sites are

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter

No time span to implement to marketing.

Using Social media we can reach huge market and great awareness to our brand.

It also avaliable in paid and non-paid marketing.



4.Email  Marketing

Email  Marketing is used in most of the developed countries. Here they just send mail about new products to already subscribe customers.  Email marketing will Increase the brand awareness.

Here they are using concept of remarketing to get awareness of new products and Improve sales.

After reading above article some of guys might have a doubt. What are the career opportunities for digital marketing students. Here our digital marketing team  provides an extrodinary presentation for this just have a look below once. He/She have below career options those are

Career Options

I hope you like the article if you have any doubt leave a comment below. We will discuss Digital Marketing  in broad manner in our future posts. Thanks for reading this article.



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