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Eclipse 4 Cydia Tweak For iOS 10 -True Night Theme for iPhone, iPad

Apple officially release a system-wide dark mode feature that is iOS 10.2 night mode. I Thought it would be excellent, but it made many users unhappy. Battery is draining fast and you can’t enjoy surfing net at evening or at late night. But don’t worry Now you can use Eclipse 4 Cydia Tweak for iOS 10 – Bringing system-wide dark mode on jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. As per the developer Eclipse 4 is the lightweight Cydia tweak developed for iOS 10. Means it won’t consume extra battery life for using it.

Features of Eclipse 4 Cydia Tweak For iOS 10::

  • Lightweight tweak, consumes NO battery life.
  • Support for many popular App Store apps.
  • System-wide colorization.
  • Activator and flipswitch toggles.

Configure Eclipse 4 Cydia Tweak  For iOS 10::

Once you’ve free version of this tweak, a separate settings pane would be added to the Settings app. You can configure the Eclipse 4 Cydia tweak using settings pane on the tweak as you wished.

eclipse 4 cydia tweak

From the main preferences pane, you can do:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off
  • Toggle the tweak in SpringBoard
  • Toggle Alternative Mode
  • Hide or show table separators
  • Play around with your custom color options
  • Play around with additional customization options
  • Choose the applications that the tweak works in
  • Override black colors with a selected text color in apps that won’t play well with Eclipse

From settings related to coloring your device’s system-wide UI, you can:

  • Whether or not the Cell Detail text gets colorized
  • The color you want the Navigation Bar to be
  • The dominant theme color you want your UI to be
  • The color you want to tint your buttons and switches
  • The color you want your Status Bar text to be

From More Options preferences pane you can find more miscellaneous options like:

  • Colorizing your iOS keyboard
  • Choosing a color for your iOS keyboard
  • Colorizing loading/splash screens
  • Choosing a color for your loading/splash screens
  • Toggling translucent Navigation Bars
  • Toggling tinted SMS bubbles
  • Toggling tinted iMessage bubbles
  • Colorizing the Status Bar
  • Choosing a color for your application Dock

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Eclipse 4 tweak is available on the Bigboss repo for the cost of $0.99 for new users. If you are an existing Eclipse, Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3 user,you can update to Eclipse 4 Cydia tweak for iOS 10 completely free. That’s it from my side, Download the Eclipse 4 Cydia tweak and Enjoy some amazing colorization with different aspect by configurations panel.If you like this Article on Eclipse 4 Cydia Tweak, Don’t forget to share it on Social media.Keep Visiting AllTechPoint For Many more Amazing Guides.

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