10 Highly Effective ways to prevent / Reduce Pimples on Face.

Pimple is one of the problems that bother the teen age/young age people.It is nothing but the inflammation of the skin caused by the attack of bacteria on the sebaceous glands. The bacteria infect the skin and this makes the skin to swell up by forming a puss inside.Here are the 10 Highly effective ways to prevent/ reduce Pimples on Face.

1. Keep your Face Clean:

reduce pimples on face

when trying to prevent pimples on face, It is very important to keep your face clean. Washing your face removes dirt, impurities and any excess oil that has built up on the surface of your skin. Less oil and dirt also means less acne. While washing your face try to use mild face cleanser rather than using a soap.Use a clean dry towel to pat your face dry.

2. Do not touch face with dirty hands:

prevent pimples

Most of the times it is our own hands, Touching Face with dirty Hands may results bacteria reaches our face and causes the pimples. Don’t let your hands touch your face very often. It can spread bacteria, cause infections or further more pimples which you certainly don’t want.

3. Reduce pimples with steaming:

steam to get rid of pimples

Steaming is wonderful for your skin at any time.If you have pimples, steam your face so that the pores open up and enable the skin to breathe. The bacteria, dirt and oils trapped in the skin will be easily removed from the skin. After drying, apply an oil-free moisturizer for better results.

4. Cool off an angry pimple by Apply Ice:

remove pimples on face

Ice is also very effective home remedy to reduce pimples on face. It removes dirt and oil from skin and also improves blood circulation and reduces the redness and swelling of pimples. To get rid of an eruption, Simply wrap an ice cub in some paper towel or a clean cloth and press gently against the pimple for a minute or two.

5. Eat Healthy to Prevent Pimples:

reduce pimples

Pimples are often caused due to problems of the digestive system. Prevent/ Reduce pimples on face by following a healthy and balanced diet. Reduce carbohydrates, sugar and dairy products and include more vegetables and fruits in the diet. Drink lots of water to remain hydrated and Excrete toxins from the body regularly.

6. Use Aloe vera gel to stop pimples:

stop pimples

Aloe Vera gel can work magically on pimples as it removes excess oil and dirt from the skin. It stimulates the cell growth, and helps the damaged skin for healing faster. Prepare some fresh Aloe Vera pulp from an Aloe Vera leaf and apply it directly onto the pimples and leave on. Do not wash until it dries up completely.

7. Use toothpaste to remove pimples:

remove pimples

Toothpaste can also be effective home remedy to get rid of pimples. Apply a small drop of white toothpaste onto the pimple before going to the bed and wash it off with cold water in the morning. Observe the results. This is the best method to get rid of pimples instantly.

8. Papaya pack to reduce pimples on face:

reduce pimples on face

Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and enzymes, which are believed to work on the bacteria causing the pimple. Cut raw papaya into pieces and crush it in a blender. Squeeze this paste to extract raw papaya juice and apply this juice over the pimples. Papaya can also be effective to reduce the pimple marks.

9.Remove pimples using Orange Peels:

reduce pimples on face

Grind orange peels and Make a paste using the powder by adding some water in it and apply it on the affected areas of your face. Leave it to react with pimples for half an hour and wash it off to see effective results.

10.Turmeric Powder Paste to Treat Pimples:

treat pimples

Turmeric has antiseptic properties that will fight the bacteria that cause pimples and reduce the production of pimples on the skin. Take a tablespoon of turmeric and add 5-6 drops of honey to it. Mix well and apply this paste onto the pimples. Let it set for 30 minutes or more and then wash off with plain water. Repeat this process for five to six days to effectively reduce pimples.

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