Facebook Tips And Tricks for 2015

Facebook : Guys we all know Facebook is the Largest social media there is no question about it right. Because according to the recent statistics it has more number of users. Around it has 1.23 billion Active Users in every month.I Hope all you know by using facebook we can share Videos,Images,Comments and many more.Don’t you Want to learn tips to make facebook more Intresting.then, you have come to the right place.Here today we are going to discuss about Intresting tips of facebook.All you do is just stay here, I am sure you definitely learn Intresting tips from this post.

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Facebook tips and tricks

1.You Can Read Chat Messages And stay Undetected

This is a common problem that we faced regulary. In Facebook when you read message the seen button show that your friends, your read the message. Don’t you want to learn How to hide your seen “Time stamp” from your friends.Don’t worry here our blogging team provide a easy tip to hide your seen Chat Messages.Its just simple you have to Install ‘Unseen’ add-on to your browser. Its avaliable for Google Chrome. Nothing it has done.Just it has to block a single line of code to disable read receipts from Facebook.

Install Unseen add-on to Chrome

I hope you Installed Sucessfully Installed Unseen add-on .Enjoy with this cool tip…


2.How to Send Unlimited Friend Requests When You Blocked On Facebook

Buddies here is a cool trick for you even you blocked , you can send friend requests. For that you have to follow below procedure.

  • First Login to your facebook account. And get the email address of the person that you want to add as a friend.Observe the above image you can easily understand . Here you will be able to add required friends by using different email services. Login any of above services and add required contacts to facebook.
  • Observe you know you have another feature avaliable here if you want to add bulk friends then create a notepad file with comma separated email contacts and save it as filename.vcf.
  • Finally upload that file through the previous window and your friend request will be sent to Facebook users with those email addresses.

3.You Can Shedule Facebook Status Updates

Guys Currently we dnt have feature to post or update status message in future. But we have one website named Buffer which allows you to set schedule status update. By using this service you can write some status update and set the time to schedule the status.Now I know you have doubt in your mind , that is what is Buffer? Dnt worry We will provide better answer for your doubt.Actually ,
Buffer is a software application designed to manage social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
For more Information –> Buffer app is also avalible for Android and Google Chrome Browser.

4.How to Check Who Is Online and pretending to be Offline

Hidden frndz
 Guys you know Sometimes our friends did disable Facebook chat and pretend as if they are not using Facebook. Now you can easily detect which friend is using Facebook secretly while keeping Facebook Chat offline. Online Now application for Facebook allows you to track hidden online friends easily.All you do is just login with your user name & passwords to your account.After that you will see Online frinds who pretending to be offline.

5.How to find a person who Unfriend you On Facebook

Guys Don’t you want to know who un friend you on Facebook? Actually there is no option for this on Facebook but you can get those details through this online service. This service scan your profile and find all changes done on your profile. In that way it can find who un friend you on Facebook and show them.For that what you do is just go to who.deleted.me on browser and login with your facebook after that it shows details about a person who unfriend you on Facebook with date, week, month and graph wise.
Hope you like this article, . If you have any doubts feel free to leave a comment. I will provide more cool tips in coming posts.Thank you very much for reading…
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