Awesome google tips and tricks for advanced search.

Google tips and tricks: Hello friends, Google search shows relevant search results for your key words or phrase. From Google search you can find any thing what you are looking for. But sometimes you may not get exact results, google tips and tricks are helpful to find exact information on google. In this article we share some of the most useful google tips and tricks for better search results.

Google Tips And Tricks For Advanced Search:

1. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase: “word


google tips and tricks











2. To find the nutrition details of fruit: “Fruit name” facts

Ex:Banana facts

google tips and tricks













3. compare two food items:”food” Vs “food”

Ex:banana Vs apple

google tips and tricks

4. To set timer: set timer for (1/2/3/…..) minutes

Ex: Set timer for 5 minutes

google tips and tricks

5. To know weather of particular place: weather”place”

Ex:weather delhi

google tips and tricks

6. To find the current time in any city: “City” time

Ex:delhi time

google tips

7. To find meaning of a particular word: Define “word”

Ex:Define freedom

google search

8. To convert one parameter to another:”Parameter” to “Parameter”

Ex:Dollar to rupee

google tricks and tips

9. translate a word to any language:Translate “word” to language

Ex:Translate dancing to french

google advanced search

10. Use Google to search particular website : site : website name

google tips

11. Search page linking of website: link : website name


google tips and tricks

12. Search similar sites of particular website: related : website name


google search tips

13. Search for information of a website, type info: website name


google search techniques

14. To find your ip address of your computer type:ip address

google tips and tricks

15. To use calculator with your search engine:equation


google tips and tricks

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