How to choose right summer internship for you.

Even though summer is months and months away, students across the country will soon start thinking about where they want to intern this summer. Summer Internships are such an amazing way to build your resume, and most importantly for  gaining critical thinking. There are many factors involve in choosing the right Summer internship for you including your degree, chosen career path, availability of mentors and much more.

Choosing an internship is as important as your first job. You want to be in the right situation to learn as much as you can about the career. You need to evaluate which Summer internship is best for you. To help you choose, here are some factors that you should consider.

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Main Factors to consider when choosing your Summer Internship :

The Company:

Do you want to work for a big company or perhaps a small company or start-up? Which environment strengthen and complement your hard and soft skills.

For example, if you are very structured and rule based, working for an established, large firm may be easier.  But working for a startup helps you understand and become more effective in less structured environments. This is an invaluable skill.

The location:

I know these seems basic and silly, but location is important for a few reasons.  One is of course you have to spend your whole summer there.  The other is that your summer internship is a time that you will build not only your relationship with the company but also develop a network. So choosing the location for your internship is much more important thing to consider.

Career focused or career diversity?

Do you want to work for a company which is 100% related to your field? Or Are you  work for an industry-related department of a company?. For example, If you are an engineer, do you want to work for an engineering company or would you instead consider working for the Engineering Department of say, Animation?. You might also consider an internship in a widely- used and widely popular industry like Healthcare or social/digital media.

Mentor or Supervisor :

mentor is Someone who actively promotes your learning process during the internship. where as supervisor is one who lets you learn on your own and also provides a little direction when it may be needed.

Some companies take pride in offering mentors for their interns.In many companies supervisor will act as a mentor; He or she answers the questions asked by the interns.and expecting interns to learn from the real time work and from their mistakes.

Think about what type of guidance you want, and need.

Culture Of the company:

Some of the Larger companies and well established non-profit organizations associated with rules, structures and rigidity.Where as some of the smaller companies start-ups and grass-root non-profit organizations have relaxed and go with the flow environment.

Deciding which culture fits your personality best is important.

The future opportunities: 

The most important factor in choosing an internship is how it will affect you when the time comes to start applying for jobs. One more thing to consider when you want to join in a company as a intern is; Do they have a lot of entry level openings? Do they like to fill those openings with former interns? Interning with a company that says yes to both of those will get you a immediate job after your graduation. Even if you want to join in a another company for your full-time work , it’s great to have this as an option.


Employers are willing to hire interns with little or no experience, especially if the intern is willing to accept little or no monetary compensation. However, the benefits of doing an internship go far beyond your pay cheque. Recent surveys also showed that students having Summer internship experience are get hired by the top companies faster and also they are getting high CTC than the non-interns. If you are having any doubts drop it in comment section.

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