How To Remove shortcut virus from your PC, USB, HDD,Flashdrive.

Guys today we are going to discuss one of the major problem which creates so much of being troublesome or difficult to use our device either  Flash drive ,HDD & USB . Many of us don’t know “How To Remove Shortcut Virus from USB or Flash Drive or Pen Drive”.
At some point of time every one of us has experienced the Shortcut Virus in our USB Drive.Either you call it an USB Drive, Pendrive, or Flash Drive, that doesn’t matters, but the problem actually does. And mostly, dealing with that virus looks quite complicated to us as well. Today we are going show you some quick and  simple easy methods on How To Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drive (Pen Drive or  Flash Drive). Not only from USB drive, but this article will simultaneously show you the method to remove shortcut virus from PC as well!.

What is Shortcut Virus & What it does ??

Shortcut Virus which is a new modern virus automatically comes in your computer/USB/SD card and convert your content into a shortcut. Some time this virus also invisible your all contents.Some times I got mad for this virus.I hope you to face similar problem right ??

From where did the USB Shortcut Virus come?

The first thing is to know from where does this virus came into your PC, right? And there maybe several possible reasons for the same..

  1. Third Parties : You might have downloaded some software or executable (.EXE) file from an untrusted third-party software. It is possible that it already included the virus and from there, it took off your PC and your USB as well!
  2. From Hidden files of Your PC : It might already be in your PC somewhere hidden and from there, it finally messed up your USB when you plugged it in your PC! . And the same is true vice-versa!

how to remove shortcut virus

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From your USB:

Shortcut virus left you in a situation where you’re on the verge on loosing your valuable data. Here we will provide you two best methods on How to remove shortcut virus from our device either it’s a Flashdrive or USB.

Method #1.Using Command prompt to remove Shortcut virus from USB or Flash Drive:

It is manual method here we don’t need to use any type of Antivirus Software to remove Shortcut virus from your device .In this method we will write some command prompt instructions which will execute and remove shortcut virus.Follow the below steps to remove virus short cut virus from your USB.

  1.  Plug-in your USB drive in PC.
  2. Goto Start –>Run–>cmd
  3. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.*
  4. Replace the letter e with your drive letter. For ex, if your drive letter is “D” then the command is like: attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*
  5. Then Hit Enter.

Simple Explanation of above code is (It’s help to understand what we are doing)

  • attrib : Exactly what you guess is right it specifies the Attribute.And
  • where s : s  stands for system file -s means removing the system file attribute from this file.
  • -h means removing hidden files attributes.and
  • Finally /s /d simply means do this for each folder and subfolders also.

Method #2 Using Friendly Freeware to remove shortcut virus from USB,HDD && Flashdrive:

It is very simple method ,today  Freeware softwares avaliable in the market .It is very popular and trusted method to remove Shortcut virus from your device .Here our bloging team suggest you to use USB FIX Freeware  From the below link.It is one of the best shortcut virus removal tool in the market.

Free Download USB Fix

Steps to remove Shortcut virus using USB Fix:

  • 1.First you Download “USB Fix” into your computer
  • 2.Plug-in your USB drive or Hard Disk Drive which contains shortcut virus.
  • 3.Run “USB Fix”Software
  • 4.Click the option that says “Deletion“. On clicking it, the process for removal of virus will automatically start and after the process is complete, your PC will restart.

After restart, you can also check weather the Shortcut Virus  file report at

C:/UsbFix/Log/UsbFix [Clean 1] Your PC.txt

Note : You should close all your other  files and applications while running this software because an automatic restart by the software will lead to loss of important data.

How To Remove Shortcut virus In  PC or Laptop :

Method #1.By using manual commands:

1. Open your “Task Manager” by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Alternatively, you can open it by Right Clicking on your Taskbar and then clicking on “Open Task Manager“.

2. There, move on to the Processes tab above, and locate something like “Wscript.exe“. If you find it right click on that and tap “End Processes“.

3. Now open the “Run” dialog box (Win + R key), and type in “regedit“. This will open the Registry Editor.

4. Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run“. Here, look for a registry key named “odwcamszas“, right click on it and Delete it.

Simple Tips to avoiding Shortcut Virus:

Here our team provide you to some simple tips to avoiding shortcut virus

  • Don’t open USB without scanning.
  • Check for Antivirus Software before you connect your storages to other computers.
  • It is better simply you Avoid third party software’s.
  • Update  your antivirus program regularly.
  • Run boot time scans once in 2-3 weeks.
  • Please don’t open harmed/Virus Injected websites.

I hope you like this article .If you want any help or any suggestions,  feel free to leave a comment.If you think this article is helpful, Please share it on social media.Thank you for reading and sharing.


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