Imo vs Skype – Features And Differences


Hello Buddies, There is much of the competition today between many applications available for every smartphones and there is always a struggle to which one will be the best one to select on all the necessity requirements we want. To make aware of users, I am going to share this article, Imo vs Skype.

Imo vs Skype

Imo vs Skype

Imo vs Skype  Common features and Differences – Free Download for PC.

Before going to discuss Why One app is better than another one of these two applications, Let us know each of the application characteristically to compare them which is the best and let you decide which is compatible to you.

Common and core features of Imo and Skype:

  • Imo has simple and clear Graphical User Interface and Skype has slightly complicated Graphical User Interface but simple.
  • Imo Video Call provides high rate transmission of chatting and Skype is concerned connectivity will struggle.
  •  Imo consists of Instant Messaging feature in a faster manner but Skype is relatively slower then Imo application.
  • Transfer of images, videos, audio and Multimedia files is faster in Imo application but slower in Skype but is faster than any other application.


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Why Imo is better than Skype?

  1. GUI is very flexible and user friendly.
  2. Imo has  very high rating in Google play store.
  3. We can Send text messages to any number for free and it’s not only for Imo app users but also any application users.
  4. Even though we are in Offline messages can be received.
  5. Specially designed for meeting New people.
  6. Imo app user can also send the current location – that saves lot of time of messing with directions.
  7. It occupies very less space in our devices.
  8. We can Login through existed Facebook account.
Imo vs Skype

Imo video call

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Why Skype is better than Imo?

  1. Skype  Has group video chat.
  2. It Supports more languages.
  3. Clearly small app size, which will take less place in your smartphone.
  4. It consists of “two way opt in” method which means it prevents strangers from sending you unwanted messages.
  5. We can use Skype in retro devices also.
  6. You Can Set your Status too – Which decides your mood to your buddies.
  7. Skype app does not require emulator on PC. Like mostly Android emulators.
  8. You can specify your availability.
  9. You can send contact stamp that is lot more easier to type and send a contact.
  10. It has the feature of showing someone is typing – Get Notified Using Notification Stamp
  11. Skype compatible with Windows Phones also.
Imo vs Skype

Skype Video call

Finally, here has always pros and cons in each application but it is their own decision what feature and characteristics they like in an particular app. Mainly Imo and Skype both the application are popularly used. And their Features are distinctive for both application. Enjoy with these app feaures by downloading Imo, Imo for PC and Skype today and have a fun using these apps.

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That”s it! Hope You liked the article on “Imo vs Skype – Features and Differences“.  And Why Imo is better and Why Skype is better. If you do so don’t forget to share this article on social media like facebook, twitter, google +  with your friends. Keep visiting for more amazing updates.

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