How to Improve your chances of get hired by social media.

Hey Buddies Right now we may view social media as a tool with which you can connect with your friends and relatives. In reality Social media can be a huge asset in your job search by enabling you to expand your network and share your voice. The key to finding a job on social media is that you must have a clear strategy and you have to manage the time you spent on the online platform. Without a plan and time management social media can be a time waste process in your job search.Another key point is that don’t do all your social media websites at once.Start with one platform and get comfortable in that element and move to next.Soon you will be a social media job search expert.

influence of social media in job search


We are going to start with what you probably know best :Facebook.I know many of you are already having a well sized network on facebook. why not use this well known social media for your job search?

Shout out to your friends:

Let your existing friends know exactly what kind of your job you want and which kind of organization you want to work for.Ask who they know that they could introduce you to.Your friends are already know you and more over they have some level of trust on you and could easily refer you.

Build your Branchout Profile:

Download this facebook app, that allows you to develop a professional presence and leverage your existing friends network. upload a work-appropriate head shot and build your profile.Because it is different from your personal profile you contact with your friends network and organizations professionally.

Follow companies and career experts:

Follow your target companies or subscribe to feeds from career searches, career experts, and industry influences. This is a great way to update with the current trends and communication styles and much more.

Manage your Privacy settings:

As we all know by now, Employers are checking you out online.Before they even contact yo. Be smart about what is  available to public and what only your friends can see.


As you all know LinkedIn is the worlds most popular professional network. So start with the basics of  LinkedIn and keep building on what you know and build your social media presence also.

Built your profile:

Include an attention based Headline and summary statement. Use the key words that attract the employer and the job you are looking for. If you want to upload your profile picture make sure that your you have a smiling face includes a professional, close in head-shot.

Create your url:

LinkedIn allows you to create a vanity url for your profile. This can be included in your resume and other career-related materials. Make sure that the url will redirect you to your profile only when employers looking for your profile.

Follow your targeted companies:

Follow your targeted companies to keep update with the company profile you want to work for. Use the “Companies” ¬†feature in the linkedin search tab to follow organizations you believe are a good match for you.

Investigate Job postings and apply for jobs:

On LinkedIn you can see job skills and competencies employers seek right now on their job postings.By visiting those profiles yo can be familiarize with the language you can use in your job search. Investigate about the job postings and you can apply for the job in linkedin itself.

Join Groups and participate in conversations:

LinkedIn Groups provides you an opportunity to participate in conversations. Make intelligent comments and observations, Answers questions make connections with the employers.


Build you profile:

Building your profile in twitter is more easy than linkedin. Because you are limited to 160 characters for your entire bio. include your interests, goals and your linkedin url.

Follow your strategy:

Begin with the end in mind. Whom do you want to follow and why? What are your targeted companies? Be strategic and network with purpose. Once you have identified the targeted companies and industries, follow the folks who represent or influence the company. Ask them some good questions, make intelligent comments and build a reputation, Get noticed by them.

Join Twitter chats:

Twitter chats are online chats,that are usually at the same day and time each week. Twitter chats are more fun and fast-paced way to participate in a virtual conversations. You will meet new people and make more connections. We suggest #CareerChat Tuesday 1 pm EST, #JobHuntSearch Monday at 10 pm EST.

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