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What is Jenkins and How can We Download Jenkins server in Windows Machines – Continuous Integration tool. 

What is Jenkins ?

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration server. Jenkins tool is completely written in Java. As we know Java is a platform Independent programming language so, we can use Jenkins continuous integration tool in all systems with no issues.

Jenkins tool helps the users by performing chain of actions to do all non-human activities. With the help of Jenkins we can do continuous Integration starting from code development, test and finally Integrate all the code into remote machine from different developer who are working for the project from different locations.

We can do complete automation by using Jenkins which plays very important role in DevOps. In this article we are going to see the all latest features of jenkins and also we are going to see how we can download the lastest jenkins version in all windows machines.

Jenkins Features :

  1. We can install Jenkins on different operating systems with free of cost.
  2. Latest upgrades are available with the Jenkins new versions.
  3. Jenkins tool is having friendly user interface.
  4. Jenkins integration tool supports More than 400 plug ins for easy to use and easy to integrate.
  5. Simple to configure the setup environment in the user interface and also possible to customize the user interface based on likings.
  6. This jenkins tool is having master – slave architecture and supports distributed builds to reduce loads on the CI server.
  7. Jenkins is available with test harness built around JUnit; test results are available in graphical and tabular forms.
  8. We can do Build scheduling both manual and automate based on the given cron expression.
  9. Jenkins tool also provides the Notification support related to the build status.

Requirements to Download and Install the Jenkins tool into Windows/Linux Machines

Software Requirements:

  • Java software has to be install into our system.
  • To access jenkins user interface, Web browser compactability is also required.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Required atleast 256 MB of RAM.
  • 1 GB of free space in ROM.

Download and Install the Jenkins – Continuous integration tool into Windows Machines

Visit the Jenkins official home page

Click the Download button.

Right click or Select the required platform from the below list.

Once you click on the required platform, it will redirect to download page.

Wait till download complete and start install the Jenkins.

That’s it. Hope you liked our article on Jenkins and Download the Jenkins server as Continuous Integration tool .If you did so, Don’t forget to share this on social media with your friends. If you have any queries in Jenkins download or any suggestions please mention it below in the comments section. Thank You!

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