Livescribe Echo Smartpen-Never Miss a Single Word.

Live scribe Echo Smart pen: Hello Howdy, Livescribe Echo Smartpen is one of the latest innovation in the smart pen Gadget evaluation. You may or may not familier with Livescribe Echo Smartpen gadget. Any how you have come to the right place. Toady we are going to discuss about Livescribe Echo Smartpen. It’s not only useful for writing but, It’s enabling customers to capture, search and share handwritten notes on the digital devices that we use every day.The Livescribe Echo Smartpen uses a camera in the pen tip that works with the microdots printed on the paper to track your pen strokes. Along with Livescribe Echo Smartpen also have so many features.

livescribe echo smartpen


Livescribe Echo Smartpen features :

 Microphone: Microphone captures our audio or meeting or lectures with clear sound.You can set your Microphone  sensitivity for different recording situations.

Audio Jack : Audio Jack is a standard 3.5 mm Jack.It fits our earphone or any other recording handset to enable binaural recording.

Micro-USB Connector:Micro-USB Connector just like our USB cable and it is compatible with any other standard USB charging cable.It’s uses  for transfer notes and audios to your device or computer And we can recharges Livescribe Echo Smartpen using USB Connection.

  • Automatic: The default setting, sets your microphone sensitivity automatically based on the noise level of environment.
  • Conference Room:Sets the microphone sensitivity for quieter environments where the person speaking is closer to the microphone.Best for small area.
  • Lecture Hall: Sets the microphone to pick up sounds in a wider open area. Best for large area.

OLED display : OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode ) is a technology for small devices and allows the smartpen to be smaller and battery life to be longer compared to LCD screens.

 Built-in Speaker : Built-in Speaker produces rich, full sound to play back our recorded or storage audio from our device or System.

Memory storage : At earlier Livescribe Echo Smartphone have 2 GB memory storage. It uses to store 200 hours of audio.Now it has portability to increase Memory storage capacity.

Ergonomic Grip: The ergnomic grip design provides comfort during long meetings and lectures.

Replaceable ink tip :Simply remove the ink cartridge by pulling it out with fingertips. Insert a new cartridge until it clicks into place.

The Unique feature:

The Unique feature of a Livescribe smartpen  is it’s Never Miss a Single Word. It’s record and playback everything that you hear and write. Smartpen transfers your notes using USB cable.

Cost of Livescribe Echo Smartpen : 

Livescribe Echo Smartpen have more intresting features. From starting onwards it’s got  many users. Cost of Livescribe Echo Smartpen Starting at $169.95.

Summary :

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen allows you to take comprehensive notes by synchronizing recorded audio to your written notes. In addition, the ability to download a wide-range of apps allows you to use this pen for much more than taking notes.

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