How To Take joint selfies regardless of location-Picpal App For Android,ios

Selfie mania is at its peak. Now ready for an awesome selfie collage app. Picpal is a real-time selfie-collage mobile social app that combines the selfies aspect of Snapchat with the social sharing aspects of Instagram.The app allows you to create spontaneous selfie collage with upto three of your friends regardless of their location. Your friends no longer have to be with you to take joint selfies, as picpal brings all your friends selfies and blends it as a single real time selfie. Picpal app is officially launched by  MyndBee, Texas based company . Picpal app is currently Available for ios and Android devices, You can download it via itunes and Google Play store.

picpal app

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Features of Picpal app:

This app is available for free in both itunes and google play store.

you can edit your selfies with the filters and amazing effects and text can be added also.

The app will try sending your selfie for 12 hrs if there are any internet connectivity issues.

Created group selfie can be shared with your picpal friends, you can also give like or comment.

How to take Joint selfies with picpal:

Firstly download and install picpal app on your Android or ios device.

After installing picpal app, click on start button to invite your can invite upto three friends to take joint selfie along with you.

The person whom you invited have 24 hours of time to respond to your picpal request and send their selfie to you.

If your friends respond to your request and take selfies at the same time when you are taking your selfie then all the selfies can be collages into a single selfie by this app.

You can retake or edit by using some built-in options present in the picpal app.Text also can be added over your selfie.

All the compiled selfies will appear in your picpal app gallery. Friends can post like or comments on each collage. and you can then share the joint selfie within the app or Facebook, instagram, and Whatsapp.

Older Versions of Picpal:

Download picpal 0.0.9 APK  Updated on July 26, 2015.

Download picpal 0.0.10 APK Updated on August 26, 2015.

Download picpal 0.0.11 APK  Updated on September 2, 2015.

Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most famous apps of this selfie crazy generation. Picpal app combine the best of the features of these two apps all into one. Now enjoy taking selfies with your friends regardless of their location. If you have any doubts, Please comment below. Thank you for Reading.

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