Play The Hidden Google chrome dinosaur game, It works on Android too!

Today Google chrome is one of  most used browsers across the web. Google chrome users probably familiar with the dinosaur that appear when your computer is not connected to internet. What’s even more interesting is that the offline dinosaur in Chrome is also a chrome dinosaur game. Press the space bar to activate the chrome dinosaur game, immediately your Chrome tab will quickly turn into a moderately addictive game. The dinosaur will run and your mission is to prevent it from the obstacles.

The game is written in JavaScript and if you want to see the source code you can find it in the  Chromium repository. This chrome dinosaur game is discovered by Codepo8. We must thank codepo8  for the wonderful discovery.

And it’s not only for Chrome browsers in desktop version. This Chrome dinosaur game is also available in android chrome browsers also. Switch to airplane mode and give it a try. The only difference is that instead of the space bar, you need to tap on the screen to jump / fly the dinosaur.

Play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game:

google chrome dinosaur game


The Google Chrome dinosaur game is a fun way to kill some time  and lower your blood pressure when the internet is acting up. So try these chrome dinosaur game when you are having troubles with the internet and have some fun.


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