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Hello friends, Nowadays most of  us having blogging is passion. You know in blogging SEO place very important role. Want to be a successful blogger ? who doesn’t right. So, basic thing is that you have to know about Search Engine Optimization Concepts. Today we are going to discuss about What is SEO,  types of SEO and Off page Search Engine Optimization concepts.  Assure that you just stay here and read the following information you will get a clear picture about the Search Engine Optimization. You just read this concepts and apply these tips on your content you will definitely get a good traffic to your blog.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?:

Guys Basically the definition of SEO is that the process of affecting the  visibility of a website or blog in the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. To improve rank of your website SEO place a very important role. If you are a begginer and you just started a blog, Search Engine Optimization tutorial  will help you a lot.

On Page SEO


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Types Of Search Engine Optimization:

Basically SEO can be split up into two separate categories.

1.On Page SEO                                  2.Off Page SEO.

Using above two concepts you will get higher page rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. result pages. Finally you will get more traffic to your blog. I think now you are very excited to know On page and Off page SEO. Now I will share complete Information about On Page SEO .

What is On page SEO?:

The definition In search engine , On page SEO refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. The main factors include page titles, Internal linking, meta tags & descriptions etc.

On page seo

Now I am going to share  On page SEO Factors and some of the effective ways to increasing your page ranks on search engines.

On Page SEO Techniques:

Page Title:

Page title is one of the best effective On Page SEO  factor to increase rank of your website. In your blog you have to maintain every post and page should have unique title. In that title we include main keywords of that post / page.

For example consider a title  “What is SEO ” in this title ‘SEO‘ is the main keyword.

and another example is that “What is On Page SEO” here guess what is the main keyword ? yes you are right ‘On page SEO‘.

SEO Meta Description:

Meta Description tells about the post to search engine using some relevant keywords. Many people forget to include the meta decription for their post. My suggestion is to do not forget to include meta description in your post. Because these  descriptions are an important place to include relevant keywords for your posts. The good meta descriptions will give short and neat summary about the post.

SEO Meta Tags:

In your post, you can include keywords in the form of meta tags. These meta tags should be all relevant to your specific content. Otherwise Netizens may feel your post have wrong content. It will affect your blog reputation. So take care while include Meta tags for your post. We have a plug ins in word press to add page title, Meta description and meta tags. just search “All in One Seo Pack” in plugins in the dashboard of your word press.

Body Tags and Content Styles:

Basically you have to maintain your content should be user friendly then only Netizens can spend some time on your post. For that when you writing your article divide your post into smaller sections and paragraphs. These section can be given Headings. In default word press reserved H1 tags for  title of the page. Further sections of the page can be given H2,H3,H4 Heading tags. For stylish content you can use Bold , Italic Under lines which is given in the header of your word press writing tool.

Commonly we use 

  • Page Title : H1 Tag (Reserved )
  • Sub Sections : H2,H3,H4, H5 tags.
  • For Keywords: Italic, Bold, Underline and some colors to highlight.

SEO Keyword Density:

The Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword  appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. Mainly include relevant keywords through out the post is very important. As a professional blogger you have maintain a proper keyword density. Because it helps search engines work out what your content is about. Don’t use repeat or over use keywords not only for search engine robots. This will leads getting penality of your blog from seach engines. Maintain keyword density as 0.6% to 2.5 % .

SEO URL Structure:

Always keep search engine friendly URLs for each of your post in your blog. It makes search engines for better crawling. Short URLs perform better in search engine results. Include focus keywords in the URL of your post.


On page seo url

Images and Its Alt tags  or Optimizing Image for SEO:

Use appropriate Image in your content. It will make your post more appealing and break up from boring chunks of test. User can easily understand meaning of a image than text. Use Images your own. If not we have other alternative ways also. Those websites are Flickr.com, freeimages.com and more. Use keywords as Image title and alt tags in your post.

Above all are the main techniques of On Page SEO. If you follow these things you will definitely achive good traffic for your blog. With out submitting links any where.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed a lot. If you have any doubt feel free to leave a comment below. We will discuss Off page SEO in up coming posts.

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