(*Updated) Whatsapp Tricks and Tips for PC , Android ,iOS Users

WhatsApp Tricks  : Hello buddies, Now WhatsApp is being the best Instant Messaging app for Android, iPhone and other devices also. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned mobile messaging service that recently hit more than 1 billion users worldwide, is today rolling out whatsapp update to its apps on iOS and Android devices. Here I am going to share some  Updated cool Whatsapp tricks For Android, iOS Ans PC, Laptop . It makes you technologically sound to know the best Whatsapp Tricks and implement on your WhatsApp Messenger.

If you don’t have Whatsapp Messenger in your System. Click on Below link to download Whatsapp onto your system.

Whatsapp For PC

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Whatsapp Tricks

Updated WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Here in this post we are going to discuss Latest Advanced Whatsapp tips and tricks like Hide profile picture, Whatsapp Locker, Extend Whatsapp Trial Period, Turnoff Automatic Download Videos ,  Send Documents using Whats Packed 2 Ads software and More Whatsapp tricks that you should know being as a Whatsapp user.     

Whatsapp Tricks ->Hide your Whatsapp Profile Picture from others :

 Hide your Whatsapp profile picture from others. Because may some a times Impersonators or spammers can download our pics and use it for the illegal purpose. We should use this whatsapp feature to hide profile pic from public view. To use this feature You just follow below tips .

whatapp tricks

Hide Whatsapp Profile Picture

Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo and Choose Nobody Option.

This is really important for security purpose.

Mytechera Team Tip :

  Download Whatsapp latest version for more security features so that you can protect your information from hackers. And Moreover, you can get some more best features with new versions.

Whatsapp Tricks ->How to Extend your Whatsapp Trail Period

Actually Whatsapp has one year trail period. After that we have to pay 0.99$ to use whatsapp in our devices. Because of its elegant services. So I Suggest you to pay that money to whatsapp service providers to support them. But you want to extend your free whatsapp trail period, you can extend with out paying. Here is a tip for you. Just follow below instructions.

Whatsapp tricks

Extend Whatsapp Trail Period

 First just delete your WhatsApp messenger account and uninstall WhatsApp from your Android smart phone. Then go to Google play store and install the latest version of the App on your Android smartphone or Windows PC. Then create your new WhatsApp account with the same mobile number. Now you can use WhatsApp for one more year for free.

 You can delete your Whatsapp Account under  settings -> Account-> Delete My Account, After enter your fancy mobile number  and click on Delete My Account.

Mytechera Team Tip :

You can use WhatsApp on an android phone without a SIM in it. Just install WhatsApp on one phone and try to verify it using the other android phone/PC. You will get verification code to the other phone which has the WhatsApp number. Select call me to verify the code and verify the number.

Whatsapp Tricks ->How To TurnOff Automatic Download Of Videos In Whatsapp :

You can send media files such as music files, image files and video files to your friends through WhatsApp from your PC/Laptop or Android phone.  We found In Whatsapp download these videos automatically. And many a times you don’t want to download videos automatically. Because It may be any one of your reasons may be your network connection on your android phone is weak. And that it is just enough to send messages or your data balance may be low. But do you know that now you can turn off this feature of Whatsapp. Just look at below Instructions.

Whatspp tricks

Turnoff Videos from Auto Downloading

  • Go to settings and click Chat Settings and then go to Media Auto- Download
  • You can find three options there, select the one which you want to change either when you are using mobile data or when you are using Wi-Fi connection or when Roaming.

Mytechera Team Tip

If you want to send videos of size more than 16Mb then try to convert the video with Android Video Converter and send the video. This converter will reduce the size of your image and helps you in reducing the data charges.

Whatsapp Tricks ->How to Send Documents On Whatsapp

As you already know that you can send any music file or video file or image file to your friends through WhatsApp messenger app. Do you ever wish to share any PDF file or ZIP file or APK file with your friends… Now to retain it’s users back on whatsapp updated with new stunnig feature. Now you can do the thing with this astonishing trick, you can share almost anything on your WhatsApp.

For Enjoying above feature You need to Download Whats Packed 2 Ads apk and install it in your Device. After that you can send any PDF, Zip or Apk file to your friends. But make sure that whether the other person who is receiving these files has also installed this WhatsApp Whats Packed 2 Ads on his device. You can download this Whats Packed 2 Ads from the below link.

Download Whats Packed 2 Ads

Surprising Whatsapp Tricks and Tips :

WhatsApp Tips -> Hide your original Image with another Image while sending :

If you want to surprise your friends with your WhatsApp using your Android /iphone then you must know this trick. You may be sending images to your friends, now send images by hiding them in another image. When they saw your post, they will see the fake image first, and when they try to click on that image they will see the original image. For using this awesome Surprising feature  You need to install Magiapp tricks App on your Android Phones and iPhone users need to install thumb App. This is really surprising tip while using WhatsApp on phone/PC/Laptop. You can download Whatsapp Magi app from below link

Download Whatsapp Magi App

Download Whatsapp Thumb App-Iphone

Whatsapp Tricks : Set Password for your WhatsApp –>WhatsApp Locker:

Want to keep your chats or messages secret and protect your data from  friends/hackers. We don’t want others to read our messenger messages and chat logs, and it will be a bit embarrassing if it is so. As this WhatsApp app doesn’t need login credentials anyone can open your WhatsApp account on PC or android smartphone. A best way to solve this problem is to use a security lock to your WhatsApp messenger. My suggestion for you is to download and install latest WhatsApp lock other than something else.

Whatapp Tricks

Whatsapp Locker

It is a more secure way of locking your WhatsApp messenger from hackers. You can download WhatsApp lock from the below link to your PC /Android smartphone.


Download WhatsApp Lock

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Mytechera Team Tip 

You can use WhatsApp with a different SIM card in your Phone after Verifying your WhatsApp Phone number”

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